Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Focus on Childhood


Foot, leg, knee or any lower limb pain should not be considered normal in childhood or just attributed to ‘growing’ (growing pains).  Any repetitive or continuing pain needs to be diagnosed and treated by NCP. 

Active even ‘Sports mad’ children can be assisted to achieve their personal sporting goals.  NCP Podiatrist Cliff, started his professional career as a Physical Education teacher and carries a personal interest in assisting all children achieve an active healthy painless development.

Any younger child that is ‘quick to fatigue’ or ‘cannot keep up’ with the rest of the family and/or ‘wants to be carried all the time’ needs to be diagnosed for lower limb or foot problems.  NCP are expert at determining if a child has achieved developmental ‘land marks’ A lot of work with ‘pre walkers’ and ‘just walking’ infants is observation and reassurance for parents and grandparents while ruling out serious developmental pathologies. 

  If treatment is advised then NCP is obviously best equipped to work as the lower limb/foot expert, as a team member with the infants Paediatrician, doctor and parents.

In a Nut Shell

Foot and leg pain should not be considered as ‘normal’ in children. A diagnosis at least is essential.

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