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Orthopaedics – Pre and Post Operative Care

Orthopaedics – Pre and Post Operative Care

The aim of NCP is to ‘keep people mobile’ and at times this will involve orthopaedic surgery. Podiatrist Cliff works closely with Lismore Orthopaedic surgeons to enable their patients to ‘get back to normal’ with the prescription of ‘air casts’ and other splints, orthotics, strengthening, stretching or activity regimes during their rehabilitation period.

At times orthopaedic patients will be referred for NCP treatment as an alternative to surgery. NCP techniques can often delay the need for surgery or compliment orthopaedic surgery of the feet, ankles or knees.

In a Nut Shel

Podiatrists work with your Rheumatologists and/or Orthopaedic surgeon to assist patients before and after surgery.

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